Thursday, January 13, 2011

DO I have resolutions?!!!

Do I ever! I always do though. Every year I start with great plans to be more creative, find an outlet for what I am creating, get rid of clutter, be a better person, follow my dreams, make more money, lose a few pounds, etc., etc. Trouble is, I think I got fried during the holidays, and now I just want to sit around like a frog on a log, ...just making a comment now and then. Rib-bit, rib-bit, and rib-bittttt! Being snow and iced in for the past few days, hasn't helped a bit. That's hibernation weather. So, I am going to step out today and get myself juiced again. Juiced in the Susan Sark sense of "living juicy." That's just another way of saying that I want to do and live with passion. If there is a project to be created, I intend to do it passionately. This makes a huge difference in the outcome. Too often, we are pulled into doing things just because we have to, and we simply go through the motions. The results are mediocre. Just think of it all: meals thrown together, or a meal made with passion for flavor and visual beauty. The sight and consumption of the latter makes one feel as if they are very special. It is the same with whatever we do, even if it's just housecleaning. Any creative endeavor made with passion and inspiration is bound to be a work of art. So, this is where I want to be in life, ...making every moment count and lived in a sense of passion. ...Not in abandonment, like the grasshopper who was only living in the moment and never planned ahead, but with purpose and inspiration. So, it is with a sense of greater purpose that I plan to be more passionate than ever with my blog. Why? ...Because I want all of you who stop by to read to feel special!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Raggedy Revisited

The holidays left me feeling just a little drained, and yet the creative urges have had me pacing the floor at times. Nervous energy with no place to go and express itself. Out of desperation for another quick project, I created another raggedy scarf. I love these things because they are perfect for keeping the base of the neck cozy without even being aware of them. This is the one I made to wear with a tan tunic. So easy to put together with leftover jersey scraps and whatever additions you feel the urge to use to spice it up. This time I used a little jewelry making and wire wrapping to hold it together and pretty it up. After making this one, I am now thinking of challenging myself to do a daily creation out of something that I might think was too worthless to bother with. Why? ...Because I have been noticing that there are many very creative and inspiring projects done with what I would consider a throw-away thing. Another bigger reason is that it would really challenge my creative nature and send it to another level.