Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rodarte ...high fashion grunge?

I have discovered a sister design team called Rodarte. They are amazing, young explorers in the field of fashion. Their designs are based on nature, and create more "wearable art" than wearable fashions, but they are so interesting to me. They appear to be complete opposites of what they design. The sisters are heavily influenced by string art of the German-American artist Eva Hesse, and create their knits to look like this art was draped onto the body.

The Rodarte duo looks at nature and determines to replicate it. I have to ask myself “if I were to do this, how would I create what I see?” …I have had some ideas about this to, you see. I have been wanting to do bark. Yeah, tree bark. …And vines.


My imagination stretches and awakens with Rodarte’s influence. They are organic designers, true California-style creations themselves. I feel as though there is a new definition for designing that I can achieve. It never felt right to me to use traditional shapes and try to make something new about them. Thus, I labeled myself “technical” rather than designer. One of the sisters said that she tries to create fashions that seem to have existed, and without structure. Yeah! ...ORGANIC!
I love the newness and sheer creativity.
I love the way they exonerate and recreate something perfect in itself.


I can see myself back "in the garden" doing something more organic than "Fairies..." was.
That was a lot of fun, and it flew off the needles. Now another creation is brewing and about to birth itself.