Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A New Face: Mixed Media

I treated myself this week. There was a "So You Say You Can't Draw" Raw Journaling webinar posted on CreateMixedMedia. It was right in the middle of our lunch hour, but with a little maneuvering, I managed to work it out. Rather expecting it to be more focused on art journaling, I was surprised that it was more about being more creative, and especially interesting to me was that apparently everyone has "gremlins" that give negative voice to the creative experience. ...You know, the ones that say things like:
  • there's not enough time
  • ...not enough money
  • what will you do with it?
  • I can't find what I need
  • I don't know where to market my stuff
  • I'd have to clear off the table
  • I'd have to make a decision
  • I need to go shopping for supplies first
  • The house really ought to be cleaned instead
  • etc., etc
...There is always something! So it seems that it is important to just get over it and DO IT! After all, who cares about all that stuff? Being creative is so personal. Without creativity, the spirit shuts down and shrivels up. That's right! Use it or lose it. Being creative is a great way to relax and release stress. Many artists express a range of emotions through art that we all can relate to. If it were not for my creative pursuits, I would surely be drifting in a haze of uppers while watching soap operas on TV. Creativity expands the borders that confine my narrow world and lift me to the far corners of an infinite universe. My world abounds with all kinds of textures and color combinations, I examine tiny details of nature that most people pass unnoticed, and boredom is never an issue. Soon, the Klimt sweater will be finished. I am nearly done with the first sleeve, and I am looking forward to wearing it in a few more days.

What next? Well, I have signed up for an online jewelry making course called The Build Zone. It is about time I learned more and improve upon my techniques. I have gone far beyond simple beading and wire wrapping sometimes has me challenged. I have developed a love of mixed media art jewelry and want to push back the borders of convention even more than I already have. I am so looking forward to learning to use a butane torch, and other tools and supplies that I have had no experience of, and
how to give metal a patina as well as other useful procedures. In a few days, I will be able to start, ....so,

...Uhhhh, ...I guess I ought to clear off the work table first?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Klimt Limps On

Yes, ...limps. It feels that way anyway, I am naturally an impetuous and impatient person, and this project has been going on for months! Even though I can see the end in sight now, it still feels like it's dragging its feet! I have been thinking and planning for some design in the sleeves, but the little voice in my head is now saying K.I.S.S and lighten up. I think I will listen. Life has been throwing its challenges my way, and there have been too many interruptions. How in the world do other people keep a train of focus when one thing after another causes an interruption? ....Have I mentioned there was yet another kitchen ceiling leak? Yup, ...that too! Now there is a new hole in the brand new ceiling to be repaired, and I can't remember what paint I used this past spring, or even if I have any left over. Sigh. Maybe I will just paint a design up there, or a sign that says "ouch" or "c'est la vie."

Oh but back to the Klimt.
I hope to b
e finished in less than a week!