Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Think I Got Caught In A Time Warp

Where has this month gone? I am absolutely aghast that it is now at the end of the month, and we are ready to rush headlong into the holiday season. Saying that I have been busy is an understatement.I came up with yet another option for a shrug closure. I simply found a twig in the back yarn that needed pruning, and then trimmed it to the right length. After stripping the outer bark off, as well as scraping the green inner bark off too, I let it dry for a few days. Then, I shaped and smoothed it with sandpaper, added some stain and paint, and let it dry. I am able to easily push the twig into the stitches on each center front of the garment, and then slip a tie I created from icord with bead clusters on each end, over the ends of the twig. It looks very Oriental, somewhat Zen-ish, and adds a simple yet eloquent effect.
There is a new project on the needles now too. After buying some yarn that took my fancy a few months ago, and having a few frustrating tries to knit it into something, I almost gave up hope that it would come out looking like anything I wanted. The yarns outstanding feature was that it is cream with flecks of orange and green. Attempts to combine it with with those solid colors made me gag. Not to be daunted, I got crazy one day and just began adding in strips of yarn to the knitting, and leaving tails hanging everywhere. ...And I liked it! This project is a very simple top-down knit garment that is being designed as I go along. At this point, it is a cropped top, with a U-shaped neckline and rust picot edging trim at the dropped shoulder edge and around the hem, I plan to add length and do this in sampler panels of color and pattern, keeping it all as simple as possible.

This past weekend, was the annual Gem & Mineral Show. I haven't missed one in over 20 years now. I just love going and talking to the rockhounds, and getting to see and hold beautiful crystals from all over the world. This year, I was surprised to see ancient Chinese "Prayer Wheels." These are mostly small discs, with a few characters carved into the sides. They were traditionally placed into the graves of those departed loved ones, to give them an eternal prayer for happiness and good fortune on the other side. The vendor told me that plans for a new dam meant that many graves had to be moved. In the process, these prayer wheels were removed, and ended up being "available for sale." To put it as my husband said: "Some things aren't meant to be sold." I did not bring one of those home with me, but I did find several small geode pieces to make into more fibula pins. Here is the first one, which I made yesterday.

...And may the blessings remain with the ancestors.

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