Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When Things Don't Go According to the Plan...

....well, ya gotta make a new plan. My latest knitting project is just such an example of this. It is a pattern for a shrug that I actually began knitting late last winter, but set it aside because of the heat of Spring. A relatively simple pattern, it requires using more than one yarn at a time in order to blend adjoining colors together in a watercolor sort of way. "Ombre" its called. As a result, the fabric can become quite thick. This doesn't bother me, because I like a little extra warmth. All that is to the good. What happened is that the pattern is made up of rectangles, and not having a drop at the back of the neck, adding the final decorative, finishing touch, a wide band, caused the shoulder seam to move way to the back. It was enough to change the angle of drape and the side seams were pointing to the front. Yikes! The only thing I could do was a very narrow edging, four rows of garter that curled inward. This meant the decorative effect was completely lost, and the balance of design gone. Being such a simple piece, it needs a focus. Now it has none. So, back to the working stage, and I will add some focal interest. I have a plan!


  1. Dear Mardi, I know exactly what you mean. I frogged a similar construction once for the same "shifting" reasons and will be very interested to see your remedy plan unfold! Although I find it hard to imagine this beautiful piece being returned into straight yarn lines... The colors blend so well and I love the stitch pattern.

  2. Not much to be changed. I alwasy try to take the easy way out!