Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another shrug!

I adore sleeveless shrugs and vests. They are so perfect for keeping just cozy enough, allow for maximum movement, and I don't get my sleeves wet at the kitchen sink. My latest knitting project was a runaway color scheme. I blame the wild artsy side of me for that deviation. What I began to be a variety of mossy greens and shades of gray, suddenly took off with an outrageous will of it's own to become jade when I tried a row (just a row, LOL) of that seducing color to add some "pop." "Pop" is a term which describes bringing out the character of the piece by contrasting and activating the other colors and textures that accompany it. How could I have known that jade would be so addictive and satisfying? Well, when the creative spirit is tapped into and turned on, there is no telling what can happen. Letting go of a plan and trusting to intuitive guidance is where it's happening!

This shrug is yet another following the Woven Woods pattern from the Winter Forest Evocative Guide by Jane Thornley. The pattern is easy to follow, as it is made of of simple basic shapes, and relies on ombre technique to build character. I do mean build!!! This technique utilizes yarns held together to morph from one color into another, bleeding the colors into each other like a watercolor painting. At times, I had four yarns working into fabric at once. The fabric becomes more dense and textural. This is where the uniqueness and beauty of the fabric grows. Done all in seed stitch, ombre plying tends to break up the "knit, purl, knit, purl..." stitch monotony. Rows build up quickly for a fast knit. ...Now I just need to create a pin that it as special as the shrug!


  1. absolutely stunning Mardi, blue really suits you :)

  2. Thanks Helen! The "blue" is actually more jade, and jade is known as a "Universal" color. This means that it is a color that looks good on everyone. Those of us who remember the "What's my color?" days, may know that those colors we find in our own external appearance are "our colors." Since everyone has veins and arteries, jade is seen in the arterial blood through the skin. Cool huh?

  3. LOVE this shrug!
    The color IS wonderful. This jade blue aqua green turquoise shrug vest is perfect and perfect for you. Thank you for your note on "Universal Colors" - I usually look at Pantone Color Charts but looked it up again and found a link I had not seen before - so you see just how stimulating your blog entries are to me, every time!

  4. Thank you Laura, love the compliments. Here is a site that you will surely enjoy:

    I have followed them for years and they seem to have an endless amount of information.