Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Stay-cation

I was so tired I was literally asleep on my feet. No more late night "parties" coupled with weekend workshops for me! Now, catching up on much needed rest, I am again reminded that it will soon be time to take that "Stay-cation" I mentioned in a previous post. This is just a stay-at-home vacation instead of going away somewhere. We have been having extreme heat here, and I am trying to stay inside with the AC. Taking my mother out for adventure is out of the question unless it cools down. As promised, here are the various ideas that I have accumulated and plan to schedule into a weeks time:
  • Movies to watch on the TV, with seriously scrumptious munchies and beverages, good for a few thousand calories I would think
  • Catching up on reading at Barnes & Noble, hopefully not bringing home too many books and mags
  • Eating lunch out a few times
  • Quick and easy dinners
  • A few exciting creative projects
  • One short out-of-town outing returning the same day
  • Date or other quality time with the spouse besides watching TV together
  • Visit a local Farmer's Market
  • Visit a local museum
All of these are easy enough to do. With a bit of prior planning, the stay-cation will be just as fun as a real vacation. It will take the same prior planning, taking care of anything that might cause frustration or distract us from the plan. What needs to be done first? As with any vacation, there are a few things that need to be taken care of:
  • Bills all paid
  • Laundry all clean
  • House cleaned and Beds changed
  • Yard cleaned, mowed, etc.
Yet, there are additional considerations when staying home that make it more like getting away:
  • Creative projects planned and ready to play with
  • Grocery shopping done
  • Special little touches prepared, like the serious munchies mentioned earlier.
Oh yes, one more thing, ...Tell the hubby that I am not available for work, only lascivious living for the next week. ...Maybe longer. ...And maybe I'll have such a good time I won't come back!

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