Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Love Pinterest!

It's not often that I feel compelled to rave over some internet site, especially one that makes me spend so much time on it.  (tongue in cheek there)   However, after months of trying to persuade me to join Pinterest, that giant internet photo album, my son finally got me by pinning a few of my jewelry photos to a board on his page.  I know it was all ego, but I was curious.  Now, after only about one week, I find myself spending far too much time there.  ...Or am I?  As I ponder on this, I realize that Pinterest has done something that I would have thought impossible.  Using Pinterest is like being given a million dollars and told to go shopping for whatever you like.  Reminding me of my childhood, and that of so many of my friends, when we spent hours pouring through the Sears catalogs looking for things we loved.  We would cut out pictures of toys that we dreamed about owning, clothing, and anything else our imaginations could conjure from those pages.  Now, here I am again, "pinning" (a quick click process) favorite things as fast as I can to boards that keep multiplying.  Just as quickly as I can paste, someone else will see those things and re-pin them to their own boards.  Then, there are those who decide that they like your taste so much that they want to follow you.  Yeh, ...saves them the time of looking for things on their own.  I am finding that so many of my own followers, who are really a small growing handful, are all wanting to have secret little getaways, gypsy wagons to drive off into the sunset in, and rustic little cabins or grand castles (or both).  We all have crafty sides and DIY.  We all have fantastical imaginations and love faerie bowers.  We sew, we build, and that is the beauty of Pinterest.  Pinterest is the place where dreams are born and grow, built photo by photo.

Already, I have new projects planned and raring to go.  I have had an old clock body that is probably a hundred years old.  Gorgeously carved, and with burled walnut on its frame, my father and I tried to restore it many years ago.  It had been chewed by squirrels in an old garage attic.  I re-carved floral medallions and he built a new frame for part of it.  It was ready for "more" and yet I never could decide what to do with it.  Now, after Pinterest, I have the plan to mount a newer clock, that I have had in my kitchen, within its face, and use the bottom part where the pendulum would have shown as a tiny shelf for display.  Finally, after all these years, ...and all because of Pinterest photos getting my brain working in a different direction. .

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  1. Lovely post. So much food for thought - as in every post, really! My work is done on a PC and I have to be very careful not to get side-tracked and walk through all those beautiful items now offered on various sites - but it certainly is a great way to get your own thoughts and ideas moving along! Thanks for sharing this.