Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's A Deadline?

I am fighting a war with some wood boring critter that took up residence in the branch I was going to use for the "pole" to hang it from.  Even though I tried to scramble its brains by banging the branch hard against the concrete repeatedly, and practically soaked it with insecticide, yet it bores on.  (...Dastardly little fanged beast!)  Next I will try entombing it in a black plastic garbage bag and baking its little nasty self in the sun for a few days.  It's my stick you little fanged critter!

This off my chest, I have been held up in my scheduling plans by the stated annoyance.  The swing was to be completed by the end of August.  However, I need that branch to measure and tie off the cords.  So now the deadline is being pushed out indefinitely, but hopefully not beyond the end of this month, which is flying by already.  Imagine, ...being delayed by a bug.

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