Saturday, February 9, 2013

Letting the "WILD" Out

...And It's about time!  I don't know when it started, but for the longest time I have been aware of little twinges of frustration with the unrelenting conservatism that seems to surround me.  Now this statement may cause you to pause and think "is she one of those wild and crazy eccentrics?"  Well, it's nothing like that, ...or maybe I am, ...but I think I am pretty normal.  It's just that I like to surround myself with more color than most people, dress more unconventionally, try new things, do everything myself, decorate my home eclectically, eat the way I feel my body wants to, and play with energy.  What's so different about all that?!!!

Anyway, as the hair is getting increasingly gray and each year a few more lines appear to accent my face, I find I am faced with a new thought:  When our youthful physical beauty is finally faded, how will we love what is left in it's place?  How will we present ourselves to the world then?  Well, I have decided to just let it all hang out, and I don't mean the muffin top that suddenly took up residence sometime last summer.   I am talking about letting out all those cravings to be a little bit more creative and express it and not be concerned with what others are doing.

So, what the heck does this picture at the top of this page have to do with anything?  Well, this is not some modern art thing, but my hair!  Just a little chalk run over the gray!  ...Color coordinated to match my outfit of course.


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