Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why Am I Going So Slow When Life Goes So Fast?

 I have been in a slow mode for several weeks now.  It's not my style pr preferred pace, but about two months ago life got more complicated and so I have been meeting those time eating demands with "have to-do's" rather than the things I would rather be doing.  I even got behind on the Mantel-a-Month challenge I had posed for myself.  Oh well, I kind of liked the birds and birdhouse.  Still, I couldn't shake that guilty feeling and so I did update the mantel for July.  I kept the birds and added an old cage.  There is a mason jar inside for water and the real flowers were simply inserted through the top of the cage.

I did just finish a new necklace.  I was inspired by some artwork my sister did many years ago, a simply beautiful bouquet of pink poppies.  I came up with a short phrase that was meaningful to me:  "Like the flowers of the field, I am Wild, Free, and Beautiful."  I long for a life with more simplicity and nature has always been what I need to restore my spirit.  Sometimes a small bouquet of flowers gives me a lift in my day.  Wild and free allows me to be who I am with no permissions or apologies: and Beautiful is how I always want to feel the Inner Me is.  Knowing that what I hold inside myself, (without guilt, shame, fear) is positive and goodness, a sense of virtue, is very important to me.  I painted the phrase and added it to the back of the pendant.  I also machine embroidered it along the ribbon ties.  It becomes a wearable reminder and affirmation of purpose and my philosophy for living.


  1. We set our own goals. Then life begins to tell us that our goals don't liason with the demands put on us. A very wellknown predicament. My wonderful friend Marianne, who sadly passed away a decade ago, gave me a sparkling thought: "If I don't do right by myself, I cannot do right by others." This is not a selfish thought. It is a way to find a balance.

    1. I definitely echo your friend's thought. I have always heard this as "Take care of yourself first or there won't be anything left to take care of others." I think I like Marianne's way to put it better. The one I have been used to implies that we must take care of others. In reality, we really find that people are usually very willing to let others do all sorts of things for them so that they do not have to. Finding a balance is really good advice. If we feel drained by life's demands there IS imbalance and there should be a red light and alarms going off to let us know it is a time to be conservative in our own favor.