Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Just a quick update for those of you readers who may by some remote reason be interested, here is an evolution of what the Bloom knitting is doing...

These semi-circles will be for the hem edge and I think that I will be using strips sewn together for the body.  So, I will knit these upward in straight rows until I get to the length I want, and then they will be pieced together.  I am planning the body to be all green, but one never knows until it happens!

I just came from the fabric store a little while ago.  A touch of cool weather reminded me that my loved too much quilted silk jacket is going threadbare in oh so many places.  I picked up some fabric to trim over those bare spots and keep that jacket going for maybe another 11 years.


  1. I love seeing how and where you take my designs. 'Bloom' seems so tame compared to this evolving green beauty of yours. Can't wait to see where it ends up! Jane

    1. There is nothing about your work and style that could be "tame." My own approach is more flamboyant in color, but yours is always artful, stylish and graceful. I have had to put this bloomer on hold for a moment to make repairs to my jacket, which is about half done now. Next week I will be needing it in cooler climes.