Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Filled with unusual challenges and a whirlwind of life, the new year has had me in a mire of confusion and fatigue.  My health has been challenged as I recently found that I have arthritis in my back.  After injuring my back last fall and the continued lifting/pulling/pushing/carrying my mother around, I ended up at the doctor who sent me to have an MRI.  OMG!!!  All 40-ish+ young women need to take bone supplements!  I thought I was the healthiest thing around, and didn't need any of that stuff.  Now, I am starting after the fact, and will have to work at this challenge from several angles. 

Anyway, I have been sidetracked with my mother who has advancing Alzheimer's and in sharper decline than before.  My brain has been befuddled and my creativity has been hugely effected.  Lack of proper sleep and rest have left me in a brain fog with little energy for all the demands of every day living.  Still, the creative side of me struggles to stay active.  It's that magical "thing"that keeps me going.  I managed to put together a few more bracelets. Nothing very involved, just me messing around with some fabric and wire wrapping with beads, and some fancy pewter bling beads with aurora rhinestones I found on sale at Michael's.


Spicing up the daily grind, I am venturing into a new e-course to boost my metalsmithing skills. Not content with stringing beads, I must be a bit on the crazy side to enjoy the brutal art of metal manipulations.  I have yet to see a jewelry artisan who has nice hands.  We all have short, broken nails and sore-looking hands.  ...And they do get sore cuz metal is tough and sharp.  so far, the course is not turning out gorgeous to-die-for results.  I am used to using a solder iron but not the torch to solder.  Big difference!  Unfortunately, there is no immediate feedback or communications with the other participants in this course.  So it really is going it alone.  At just a week in, and three to go, I have learned a few things, but I am holding my judgement til all is said and done.


  1. Hi Mardi! I think your "ICE" bracelet is beautiful! You are so right about the sore hands. I only play around with jewelry making here and there and my hands are a mess. Good luck with the torch. I haven't had the courage to try that yet. karen

    1. Hi Karen! The torch is a little scary. I am far more comfortable with a soldering iron, but that is the beauty of the learning curve. Baby steps. Gather your courage and watch some YouTube videos on the use of a torch for jewelry making and you will be fine with it. It does get easier to approach the torch with each use.