Friday, March 21, 2014

I Played Hookie..

Yes, I played hookie knowing full well that this time of year is ALWAYS devoted to getting taxes done.  For me, it means forcing my focus into unavoidable paper sorting, shredding, QuickBooks and TurboTax, and gathering various forms to fill out.  I have no time to dream of creative pursuits, yet ideas and inspirations  seem to flood in on me and will even wake me from a deep sleep.  So, this morning I gave in and allowed myself to whip out a few more of these Tribal Gypsy bangles that I did pre-taxes. They provided just the relief I needed!
I got the recipe from FancifulDevices on etsy.  I love Marina's work and ingenuity.  She is my latest jewelry heroine.


  1. A cheerful piece of jewellery - not an adjective one usually attributes to bangles - but it fits!

    1. It does fit. This is not to be considered serious jewelry at all. I am using up all the "ugly" beads that I purchased in bulk several years ago...the inexpensive glass beads from the craft store and these are the ones, left behind, that I was going to donate somewhere! Even so, these bangles are growing on me and addictive to make.