Saturday, November 1, 2014

It's On!

After several months, it appears that the plans for a dedicated jewelry studio is once again on.  When my mother passed, I had planned to paint her room.  It was our dining room, and first floor was a priority for her well-being.  Painted several years back, it was a glorious deep red.  I thought it was always quite exciting for a dining space, and it was all the rage at the time.  However, I had regrets so many times that we had not had the time to re-paint before we moved her into that space, and there was nowhere else to put her if we wanted to paint while she was with us.  Now, as I look at those walls, I remember the regret, and don't feel the same about it as I initially did.  So, re-painting was certainly part of the plan.  However, my sons and their families are all in agreement that they really like the dining space at the end of the living room.  It's now a "great room" even if it is a bit on the small side.  It helps to compensate for those dinner occasions when the family gathers and overflows from the table into the furniture.  So, we have decided to keep the arrangement and make use of the dining room for something else.  ...Lucky for me!  I had offered it to the DH as a "man cave," but he thinks I need it more than he does. ...(He's so intelligent!) 

Once again, the dreams awaken and planning is beginning to take shape.  The room has one window but is relatively dark.  Lightening the walls will help a lot, and improved lighting is essential.  As much as I love the warm rosy tones of the walls at the right, and even though it would be the quickest and easiest fix for the space, I am leaning toward the quieter mossy/beigy neutrals of the wabi-sabi walls now.  Because this space is open to the first floor of the house, I want it to have a better flow.

 My walls will be more creamy and have less drawing. 

I will do something a little different below the wainscot molding.  ...Not so dark, but having that distressed look, and I definitely think that some metallic gold touches are in order.  The photo to the right has a smudgy indication of gold stenciling above the doorways and along the ceiling molding.  I even have matchstick blinds on hand for a continuing effect.

Without a closet in the room, I will be using a large lowboy dresser for storage.  I may or may not paint the old teak wood dresser.  I hand rubbed it with tung oil decades ago, but the top was damaged with water marks when paper cups holding water were left there.  Now they are just reminders of the dementia that led to their presence.  I am into erasing those reminders now.

I am ready to move bravely onward.....


  1. Your post is so moving. I find my own experiences expressed in a sensitive and caring way - Moving Bravely Onward is what you appear to do, change of scenery, surroundings, environment, moving furniture and disposing of things loaded with unpleasant memories ... Indeed, you are brave, dear Mardi

    1. Good grief! I just realized that even though the painting is done, I have not yet posted about that. It certainly deserves a photo, but it would be nice to get things set up a little bit before I present it to the world.