Sunday, May 24, 2015

Been Bee-zy!

My mostly anonymous sister, of Wreckorated, was putting lots of bees on her Pinterest boards a while back, and since she is something of a muse to me, I borrowed the idea and made a focal and nature bracelet based on bee.  I was makng it for her, but she informed me she doesn't like to wear copper tones so I get to keep it for me.  I think I will be happy with that.

Bee~zy is now hot off the production line and waiting for a few finishing touches.  I couldn't wait to share.  It features real leather, hand-forged copper, hand-made wooded bead branch slices and hand-made soldered beads.  Metals are copper and steel.


  1. So bee it, I think the bracelet has so many beautiful colors and carries a wonderful background thought - it will feel good to wear it!

    1. Thanks Laura! I still have to do the finishing touches but I have already test-worn it and yes, it does feel good on.