Thursday, August 28, 2008

My 50 cent skirt

What can you do with 50 cents these days? Not much. However, …just a week ago, I was out running errands, and on a whim, stopped in at Ross store to browse. It was one of those lucky moments when a real treasure appeared. I couldn’t believe my eyes. A silk skirt in a perfect shade of brown caught my eye. Now, I really don’t wear brown well, but it is a neutral, and I just happen to have a few dressy tops that I have not worn in forever, because I never had the right bottom part. One set is a gorgeous silk shirt in a creamy tan, and it goes over a juicy dark brown halter-top with sexy beads to spice things up. I have actually never worn these two, but they were serious bargains too.

The second set is one I made years ago, when I wrote and published a book entitled: Cutwork Embroidery for the Sewing Machine. At the time, I was working as head dressmaker for the Burda pattern company, and I had been planning on teaching a class for a local heirloom sewing shop. As the instruction sheet began to exceed its boundaries, and eventually grew to two-dozen pages, I realized that I had a book on my hands. Never knowing what I would do with a book like this, I just kept going with it, cashing in my life insurance policy to get enough money to get it printed. It poured out of me, and The Powers-That-Be blessed my efforts. Clotilde, a huge icon in the sewing supplies industry noticed me at a regional home sewing show, and picked up the book for her catalog. As time went by, I picked up a few others, and it eventually sold 15,ooo copies. One of these days soon, I will revive it and publish it as an e-book. It is on the To-Do list!

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