Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back home again

Just got back from California last week, and still jet lagged. Not sleeping at night, exhausted but not sleepy. Sleeping late in the morning when my usual wake-up is around 5:00 AM. Why? …I don’t know. It’s a matter of practicing what I preach. I keep expecting my body to know what to do, and do it. However, it isn’t being as responsive as I would wish, and therefore, wouldn’t you think I would do some acupressure for myself? It would probably take only 15 minutes, and I would get straightened out. Now that I have made this public statement, of course I will have to do something about it and I will report on it again tomorrow!
I am still thrilled with the airport in Minneapolis. I know, its kind of frivolous of me, but there are reasons. For one, I grew up in Minneapolis and it has been years since I have been back, even if it was just to layover for an hour. Two, I met Snoopy face to face. Didn't have much time to chat, but he knits his own scarves, and wanted to trade scarves with me, but I thought mine looked better with my jacket.
Then, there is reason three. I found another reason to love Dyson. …The vacuum cleaner company. In the ladies’ restroom, I discovered the coolest hand dryer! It is simply a box with hand-sized slots, and as you dip your hands trustingly into the slots, a seeing eye activates a powerful air blast and it totally strips all the water from your hands in a flash. …Like in seconds. It was so cool. Now, I want one too. Just to play with. It saves on trees and is much more energy efficient, and saves money. It is labeled "green," and has a cool name. You can read more about it here: Dyson air blade

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