Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September,'s in the air

It’s getting to be that time of year again. Along with the first trickle of leaves starting to drift down from our canopy of trees, and some relief from the suffocating heat of summer, there is a feeling of un-ease beginning to pervade in the air.

It’s not the unending yard cleaning that is about to begin. Unless you are the designated holiday gift provider for your clan, you won’t know what this feeling I am alluding to is all about. …It’s the onset of the holidays. You may want to argue that we still have several months yet to get involved with all that is implied. And that is your prerogative. However, as a crafter, AND a designated gift provider, this feeling is comparable to the wander-lust blowing in with the wind, that takes over in Vienne’s spirit, in the movie Chocolat,. Yes! …And just as compelling!

The process begins in little whiffs of ideas, such as what age group Little Johnny is in this year, …and what is fussy Auntie Matilda least likely to dislike?

Be still my heart, …its just another holiday approaching. I have done this for many years now, and I should be an old hand at it. (Shudder) If anything, I think I have gotten worse at it. My sons are grown, and they have more expensive and alien tastes now. I knit each of them a hat last year, and they looked at them in disbelief. (What? …A beanie? …I knit one of them a balaclava, which I think his wife will wear it as a mini-skirt this year! Well, I won't do it again! …Not even a pair of socks! Then, there are the daughters-in-law. Two love everything I make them, whether it is knit, jewelry, or aromatherapy. The third daughter-in-law is impossible; …it might be best to just ask her this time around. My granddaughter is so remote now that I simply guess each year, hoping for the best. Choosing for my grandson is the best. He’s 11 now, and kids are easier to please.

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