Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fairies in the Garden?

I don't know, ...I can't behave myself with color as my mentor, Jane Thornley, so expertly does. Forget about trying to stay within a color schematic. Colors come at me like the hundreds of little rainbows that flood my living room each morning as the sun kisses the prisms on my window sill. They seduce and drug me with their glorious playfulness and I am lured into yarny diversions that I had never conceived of in the planning stages. Not having quite accepted that this is what is to define my projects, I find myself helplessly without discipline or desire to defend against them.

Creativity comes from following our playful spirit. When I allow that to guide what I am doing, there is no telling what the end result will be. These are the yarns I started out with. Not necessarily determined to all be used, they simply awaited my impulsive decisions to be used or not. Several of those yarns that held promise never made the stage. I even added a chartreuse banana ribbon yarn that I dyed myself. When this project found the needles, I was determined to let it grow into whatever it wanted to become. Now, it is evolving into this:

That is my grandest exploration into hypertufa (that "concrete" ball) you see in the background.

Then this happened:

Yes! Leaves! They will dangle along with stray ribbony fringe amongst dewy drops of crystals and beads. I will keep you posted!

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