Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sleeves or no sleeves?

Colder weather has hit us here in the South quickly this year. Just when the back porch was seducing me to languorous hours there enjoying the cooler temps and fresher air that fall heralds in. From mid-seventies to 60's overnight. Now, after waiting all summer for a fall in which to enjoy my Peach Orchard Cardi-Wrap in it's sleeveless glory, there is no doubt that this had to be reconsidered right away. So, it was decision time. The plan is to simply lace the sleeves onto the body of the wrap. This would seem ideal, as the sleeve has YO's at the sleeve slots. If I had done the body with the same, they could be added and removed as the whim takes me. So, now , a quick whip stitch, and those homeless parts will finally be attached!  You can make one of your own as I offer the pattern here:  Peach Orchard Cardi Wrap

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