Sunday, November 2, 2008

Doomed to be Frogged!

As a free range knitter, I am forced to look at my projects with an discerning eye as the yarns present themselves into the design. One of my recent projects, a cardigan, has been snoozing for a few weeks. It had been frogged a few times because there was just something about it that I was not satisfied with. When I pulled it out of the bag it was hiding in yesterday, I knew without a doubt that it would again become a pile of yarns. This is no easy undertaking. With mohair and some furry character yarn, it can take a good bit of teasing to separate them from their nesting places. The flash reflection makes it look pretty good.
That furry looking yarn you can easily see across the middle of it all, has an iridescent quality that reflects a lot of the camera's light. However, the yarns actually come across far less bright and somewhat dismal.

The lighter yarns really look brighter too. I have been telling myself it would all work out, all through the back, and one front, but the big picture effect is one of somber colors. Its just not me, and those beautiful yarns are simply dieing in this combination. That gorgeous iridescent is lost among the others. The Fiesta is boring. The regal purple silk charmeuse that gave itself up to become strippon yarn languishes here, as does another beautiful Tartellette ribbon yarn. There are just too many counts against it, so frog I will.

This is the model for this ill-fated cardi. It's a Jane Thornley pattern based on the feather and fan stitch. I do plan to start over, but I must come to terms with what my yarns are looking for to awaken their greatness. Since this is the first time I have come up against this situation, I am still pondering their fate in combination. ...Will keep you posted.

..............As of November 3, this is now a pile of yarn. While I was frogging away, I realized that there was a total upstaging of the yarns which were meant to be in the background. They stole the show from the really beautiful and more expensive yarns that I had been looking to showcase. THAT is why I never felt that it was pleasing me!


  1. Mardi, maybe you should add some very dark blue to your threads, some sparkling ones; Russian blue, navy blue. It would look a lot more mysterious and deep.
    Dont frog it!

  2. Frogging can be so heartbreaking, the decision to do so even more so! We'll be with you, whatever you decide!

  3. You know, often beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to me, it looks lovely. Rather than unravel, I often step back and look at a piece and think of someone. Christmas is just around teh corner and maybe it is just right for someone dear to you!
    God luck!