Sunday, November 9, 2008

What to wear and socks for happy feet...

I have always been different, without even trying to be. Finally, just this last week, the decision was made to embrace my differences and genuinely appreciate them. You see, it is all because of my creative nature. It asserts itself continually. When it is not finding a new way to fry an egg, for instance, it is itching to create some tangible expression of something with just about everything. A few days ago, on my regular checkup at the dentist (of nearly 18 years), one of the hygienists popped her head into the room and gave me a questioning look. I don't know this one very well, and so I must have looked surprised. She just laughed, and said she wanted to see what I was wearing. She was bewildered that I was looking mostly normal in my purple long sleeved T-shirt, and jeans. So, I pulled up one pant leg, and displayed my socks. Designed by artist Laurel Burch, with a mix of happy jewel colored dancing dogs, they are colorfully and playfully certain to make feet want to dance for joy. Laughing and satisfied, she left the room. So, there you are. Different.
My Laurel Burch socks came from one of my trips to the West Coast. There is a small shop in Sausilito which sells her things. This last trip, I decided I wanted to collect mugs. I like generous portions of coffee or tea, and I like my mug to fit my color mood, and I like colorful and happy to start my day. If you are interested in having happy feet, or a cheerful cup, you can find her stuff at: Laurel Burch
Several years ago, when dressing to impress was really hot in the spotlight for women, I became very aware of "colors." At the time, I was really tired of all the clothes in my wardrobe. The popular belief is that you have neutrals that you build, mix, and match around. Well, the long and short of it is that I find browns, tans, and often black, drab or dismal. To me, white is an invitation for mischievous dirt sprites to have at it. However, I discovered something very interesting in the process of taking everything out of my closet and giving it all a hard look.

1. Everything I love wearing sorted into similar color groups, mostly jewels and brights.2. These different color groups relate well together.
3. ...And (drum roll) clothing is mix and match around colorful "neutrals" of purple, or pink, green, or royal blue. ...Or jeans.
4. In addition, my clothing faves are all natural fibers.
5. And, my favorite clothes all have texture, whether it is silky, course, furry, etc.

At one time, while in a serious slump as I transitioned out of my first marriage, I suddenly became aware of the colors in my closet. It was as if someone else had taken it over. Nearly everything in there had turned into shades of brown and (oh, horrors!) ...gray! This couldn't be my wardrobe, I had never dressed in these colors. Yet, there they were, in all their drab and somber glory. It was at this point that I realized my mental state needed a lift. It was probably already lifting, or I likely would not have realized this. Now, every day is a color reflection of how I feel or want to feel. Colors are very important to me and are a source of comfort as well as expression. Each morning as I stand before my closet, I ask myself "what color am I feeling like today?"

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