Saturday, January 17, 2009

I made a purse!

I never thought I would do this, I don't even recall making one when I used to sew constantly for (scratching head), ...hmmm, most of my life. They just seemed so home-made. I always liked leather purses. However, the lure of a quick project with vibrant yarns just got the better of me. After all, I have been working on light tan socks for my hubby's Christmas gift forever. The endless rows of knitting/purling have gotten to me. I get really jazzed with brilliant color and sparkle. I just know I couldn't talk him into any of that. So, when Jane Thornley came up with yet another pattern just before the holidays, and I suffered a cringe as I thought of the line-up of knitting ahead of me, I sort of wrote this one off. Until now. It was as promised, fast and fun. There are endless possibilities for design diversion with the pattern, and it was great,, better than great to be able to use up several bits of yarn that were only about 10 yards in length. Even though it is all in ribbing, just like the socks, it was so much more fun. This purselet only took about 5 days, but I only worked on it for a few minutes each day, and even skipped on some days. It is small, but perfect for holding the driver's license, credit cards, and a lipstick.

The yarns:
I realized as I started out that the browns and
oranges needed another color to perk things up. So, I pulled in a handpainted orphan banana yarn. I bought it on close-out because I wanted to experience alternative yarns, and even though I would never have planned to knit with orange and blue yarn, unless they were school colors and I was a cheerleader, the yarn was wonderful here.


  1. Congratulations. Yes, the blue was the perfect "pop" color for this project. I love all the textures.