Friday, January 15, 2010

Too busy or not too busy???

Wow! It has been a while! I have been totally distracted and by what I couldn't tell you. It seems to me that I have not been doing very much. If you were to ask me what I have made or done lately, I would not have much to say for myself. I have been busy though! I did try something yarn related that was new for me. I made myself some clogs and felted them. That was a pattern that drove me nuts. What kept bothering me is that the pattern was the same for the both feet. I get it that the felting makes them look like socks, and could be interchangeable, and I was happy with them to that point, even though I ended up having to bake them in the oven when they refused to dry. Weather was rainy that week and humidity was high. I read a post someone had left on Ravelry that they were afraid theirs would grow mushrooms, and I decided action was necessary. They are very comfy, and I am wearing them a lot, but I have noticed that there is a tendency to shape in the same direction. The right foot clog is fine, but the left one seems to be shaping toward the right also, and leaves my foot feeling it is half off the sole and twisting.

The Holidays blew by like they never happened. I had the family, which keeps growing, over for the annual Solstice party. Now, there are 12 of us, and we overflow from the dining table (which was established at one end of a long living room after my mother came to live with us 1+ years ago and made the dining room her abode), onto the living room furniture. It's OK though, since we are still all in the same room, and its very cozy. I gave knitted items to the women in the group, and went shopping for my sons. I always made their clothing as they grew up, and they refer to those lovingly made items as "bobo's." Even though as a dressmaker and designer I was head dressmaker for a major pattern company, the idea of home-made clothing was not cool to them. Ha!

I have done some finishing, which is always a good thing at the years end and the beginning of another. The Fairy Name KAL on the Jane Thornley group of Ravelry is still going strong, but I have finished mine, complete with beads galore. Here you see me cavorting with the garden fairy who is telling me that is sure would be nice to have a wrap of her own to help warm the cold winter days she spends sitting on a frozen birdbath. Hey! I could be a yard/yarn bomber!

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