Saturday, January 30, 2010

Out with the old, ...In with the new!

I am finally nearing the completion of a project that has been in process for what seems like forever. It went wilding, far from the pattern with which I began. It started it's life as the Autumn Grasses pattern by Jane Thornley. Then, after about four inches, it got way too wide. Because I find it easier to knit all the pieces that are supposed to match up at once, this would have meant a huge amount to frog. Project put aside. Then, undaunted, I plunged ahead. I joined the fronts and back (I don't like to sew up seams), and began to decrease at the sides. Aha! I decided to make it really long. ...Why? ...Because I want to re-invent myself and my wardrobe this year. I want to be more active (translate this as exercised), and my good ol' jeans just don't let me drop to the floor to do yoga stretches when the spirit takes me. Anyway, at this point, I got to thinking that some of my yarns might not be in sufficient amount to do what I wanted. So, I started a sleeve. Once again, after a few inches, I saw it would be giantly belled. This is OK for sitting about looking glam, but it's a pain when washing dishes or doing anything else productive. Even knitting would be challenging wearing giant sleeves. Ever thinking, and Wild Grasses put aside while the brain did yoga over this new development,

... I knit this up for a little relief knitting. I call it Wrapped In Deep" referring to the deep colors I used, which are a deviation from usual brights. Amazing how the shawl pin blends exactly. There was no plan for it, it just sorta happened. Lucky that! I am loving wearing it, as it is so warm , cozy, and does not get in my way. It also is very adaptive. It can be a cowl, and draped in several different ways.

Refreshed, I picked up the Wild Grasses, which was now on it's way to becoming a front-button vest, with a two inch sleeve cap.

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