Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More magic!

One of my resolutions for this year is to make magic every day. Part of this magic is giving myself a new wardrobe. Here is what I created a few days ago, and had a blast in the doing. I call it my Romaine (lettuce type) tunic. It is completely done on the serger, and this is a surprise for me, because I used to hate that machine. Not only is it a challenge to thread, but I was such a dressmaking perfectionist/snob that I considered it so below my quality standards that I only had it and used it for the pattern company I worked for. After finding some gloriously Grungy clothing on Etsy, I drug it out and barely dusted it off to get myself started. Now, I really must give it a proper cleaning and oiling so I don't ruin it. ...I have plans, you see.

I haev already finished the Wild Grasses vest. It goes nicely with the tunic as you can see here...

Now, I am designing and plotting other garments. I love the look of cowls, and can see them carrying over into warmer weather. Shrugs are also a great thing for every wardrobe. Both items are merely accessories, but they are totally practical, which, in my book, that makes them indispensable!

There's just one thing though. ...Where are the pockets????

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