Thursday, September 9, 2010

Views On Being An Artisan

Taking another look at this clothing phenomenon of up-cycling, deconstructing, reconstructing clothing in ways that seems like the designer is on acid…
It appears that this is also dubbed the “Indie” style of design, which refers to the DIY culture of crafter/creators that are independent of bigger business, often selling from street fairs or etsy. Usually they are eco-smart and using recycled clothing with an unusual flair for combining patterns and fabrics that is reminiscent of my grandmother’s house, and it’s almost droll combination of unrelated patterns and colors.
Some are saying that this is a resurgence of the Arts and Crafts Movement of the early 1900’s. Yes, we have moved away from the handcrafting things that we use, as well as growing and preparing he foods that we eat. I think that the more we are in touch with nature and the creation of what we require is a good philosophy to live by. I deplore mass-consumerism, and the mediocrity it results in. I am truly disgusted with what I see in the stores now, …sleazy and poorly made clothing and shoes, and tasteless packaged prepared meals that we kill the nutrition of even further by throwing them into the microwave. Although the American Arts and Crafts Movement advocated truth to materials and traditional craftsmanship, as well as using simple shapes, it was also paired with a political viewpoint of Progressivism. Well, here we are, we hear it every day. ...What I can’t see is how Socialist political views are attached to artistry and craftsmanship, when they clearly ignore the individual artisan in favor of large labor forces, ergo mass-production and mediocrity, which means accepting surrounding ourselves with clutter that gives us no real satisfaction.
I like the idea of being an "Indie" designer and craftswoman. I get enormous satisfaction from creating from scratch, whether it is the meal I prepare for my family, or the clothes on our backs, and the decor of my home, I know I can feel proud of what I have accomplished.

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