Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tan on Tan on Tan

I am knitting a new cowl. I adore cowls and I think they are just so practical. I could have a hundred of them and would probably want more. This is one I started as a knitalong project for Ravelry's Jane Thornley group. Our requirement is that the project be based on a triangle. I am also using this project as a stash buster, and I was more than surprised that a couple skeins of a ribbon yarn that is terrible to knit with and never seemed to go with any other yarn, works perfectly in this family of browns. Because this is supposed to be a quickie project, I am using it as a carry-along yarn throughout. ...The better to help it blend in, and blend the other yarns into the mix. It makes for a chunky yarn and with large needles it knits up quickly. I am now at a point where I can be a little nervous about my dwindling yarn remnants, and whether they will last long enough to allow me to knit to my plan. ...It would be nice, but is life ever that easy?



  1. Greetings Mardi,
    My name is Janae Davis. I am a Reiki Master living in the Lexington area and I noticed on the Lexington Library site that you gave an acupressure workshop last night. I really wanted to come but had another engagement I had to attend in Charleston. I'm writing you for two reasons:
    1) I've been working with the Believe Center in Lexington to establish a Peace Clinic and I want to invite to you be a practitioner there. It is a place where the community can come try alternative holistic therapies and for practitioners to network and work together for positive change. Right now, 45 minutes has been allotted on 1st and 3rd Tuesdays starting in Oct. It's a volunteer thing but we will have a table set up for practitioners to place their promotional materials. Let me know if you're interested and I can give you more information. We would love to have you.
    2) I would like to know more about how to become an acupressurist. I've been interested and have dabbled in it for a while. Any information would be helpful.

    Sorry such a long message. Feel free to contact me at

    Have a wonderful day.

    One Love

  2. Sorry to take so long to get back to you! The DH and I have been hard at work recreating his business website, and I have had so little time for anything else. The Peace Clinic sounds wonderful, and I am glad to know if its existence. I will send you more info privately!

  3. Hoping Janae will get this,....I tried to email you and the address failed. Please check and let me know. I may try calling the Believe Center to contact too.