Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Used to Hate My Serger....

Years ago, in another lifetime, I spent 14 years working as head dressmaker for the North American office of the Burda Pattern Company, sewing model garments for trade shows. I loved the job, working from home while I raised my three sons. I got to assist at fashion shows, as well as getting all the Burda patterns and magazines I wanted. Working with the best of fabrics was really a plus too, though I had to force myself to get over the fear of cutting into some of the really precious ones that came my way. Anyway, when sergers came out for home sewing, Burda sent me one to use, and frankly, I was horrified. I was such a purist back then, thoroughly schooled in the Bishop Method as I majored in Textiles and Design back in college. ...Ya gotta know there were proper ways to finish seams for crying out loud!

Since then, so many fashion rules have been broken, and as there is an evolution for all things, so has my approach to sewing changed. I am discovering that the forlorn little serger that was banned to the recesses of the cl
oset for some 20 odd years (but I can never toss things out...) is now one of my simple pleasures. I really enjoy the time I spend now, serging odd shapes of fabric together and designing garments as I go. Its like the old Crazy Quilts I used to adore, and I have found a lot of artistry in the freedom it allows me. This past week, I have been eyeballing a piece of gray jersey, and making sketches, and Saturday, I had cut pieces ready to sew. By the end of the day, I had a new tunic to wear with a little Zen-like topper I had created a few weeks ago. Then, as another idea hit me, I made myself a ragged necklace out of the piece of fabric that was left-over.

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