Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yes, It's a Hole In The Ceiling

...All because water began dripping from the ceiling a few weeks ago. When the plumber came and cut the hole, we could see the upstairs shower pan was not doing its job, and so the fun began.Since last Monday, a contractor with his one-man crew has removed all tiles from the shower, rebuilt a shower pan, and will re-tiled the whole thing. Looking at tile, and with a new look about to happen, I really am happy to have some choice in what is going to replace the 30 year old tile. This is exciting, and I happen to adore rustic, and this house is a "colonial" style as interpreted by middle America. So, the big question is ... do I go with standard middle American taste, or be daring and follow my own desires in this? I am dangerously leaning toward right-brain lately, so I am almost positive what the answer will be. ...And if I had a huge bank account, I would certainly be incredibly outrageous. The whole house would become artisan, all restraint gone!

The old square tiles will be banished to the past, and replaced with luscious creamy Travertine tiles. A softer natural stone cousin to marble, it has a rustic (yay!) quality that has become very mainstream. That is not the least of it however, as I have had in mind to update the bathroom for some time. Really, since I bought the house 9 years ago, I have detested the old faded red wallpaper, and the cracks in the floor, and mold in the shower. It was all an "UGH" look. A few years ago, one of my sons helped me along by changing out the vanity counter, and new sinks and faucets were put in place. Now, with the new tile, it is absolute that the walls, trim, lighting, and lack of medicine cabinets must be taken care of.

What has me worried is the hole in the kitchen ceiling. Because it has that nasty "popcorn" effect, a patch would be awful looking. The entire ceiling must be scraped (?) and repaired and painted. It will take over a week, and I have been told the room will be cocooned in plastic. Does this sound like I won't have access, and therefore not be cooking? I feel like I have somehow entered an alternate reality of getting just what I asked for.

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