Thursday, April 28, 2011

Endless Noise and Mess

Yes, that is the way my house has been for over a month now. After weeks of a bathroom repair that required the shower to be rebuilt, I now have what the contractor termed an "industrial" bathroom. He said the whole house could fall down, but that bathroom is built to last. Through crashing hammers, saws, fumes and the layers of dust from pollen, dirt, and stone dust, the bathroom building is over. Even the week of scaling the popcorn off the kitchen ceiling and repairing that damage, and the entire mudding and plaster sanding experience is over. What is left is a lot of serious cleaning, but wait! There is painting to be done!

After those nerve wracking weeks of construction, it's my turn. I like painting, but it's not as easy at it used to be. I have to divide my work time with meals and other duties, and it is hard to get a good flow going. The kitchen ceiling is now completed, and I have been putting things back in place. I even have a resolution to be clutter free. ...If that is at all possible.

The bathroom is more of a challenge than a simple coat or two of paint however. After the DH and I first tried out the new shower, and I felt like a Greek Goddess, and he related to a Roman Emperor, I knew that this was a job not to be taken lightly. Much more than wall painting is needed. All the beautiful tile work deserved a freshly painted ceiling and trim. After 30 years, there was yellowing and surface marring. Even the door hinges and other hardware had become corroded, and the vanity light and switch-plates are seriously inappropriate. The cabinet is worn and tired, with knobs that were never even. Yes, this job may take a while.

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