Monday, May 2, 2011

Cave Art for the Bathroom

It was supposed to be inspiration for a knitting project, but as that was so long delayed, somehow the project that I had in mind exploded instead onto the new bathroom walls. How did I go from "serene and uplifting" to this? How will I convert the bright golden yellow named "grilled cheese" and the intense orange companion I chose into "serene?" Well, that waits to be proven. However, burnt umber in glaze will quiet it all down. Thank goodness.

What I am contemplating is how it came to this. The Creative Spirit that resides in me was actively planning a pullover sweater. Frustrated at what seemed an endless delay, it burst forth in paint colors instead. My plan for a soft green/teal/or maybe gray/and silver color scheme got lost in a moment of temporary insanity at the paint store. Now that plan is all about a brilliant gold that morphs into a burnt orange, overlaid with burnt umber to calm and age it. And true to form, I must include some metallic bling. Gold, bronze, copper, and ...oh what the heck, silver too.
I worked with a sample board to see how the layering would look, and make sure that I would get the look that I had in my head to create. I might have begun by painting the wall a dark brown and layering a wash of the gold and orange over that, morphing the colors into a gentle blending, lightening as I went along. However, I decided to lay down the gold as a base coat, and go darker. This is about as far as I got until other life got in the way. Things like going to work and a dental appointment will set me back til later this week but I fully expect to have finished photos to share by the weekend! YAY!!!!

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