Thursday, May 26, 2011

Can I Frog My Bathroom?

Can I "frog" the bathroom? Well, technically "No." Yet, I did nix the plan for "Cave Art," and go off in a different direction. I don't do this sort of thing very easily. I am like the bulldog that has a death grip on the bull's neck, and won't let go or let a project beat me. However, this was really turning into an example of Murphy's Law in action and it was snowballing and gaining momentum and power with each day. The issue that seemed to be behind it was that the paint was "re-wetting" and pulling off the walls. Although I left a fan running on the walls for days, and that helped some, it was not enough to do the faux work that was part of my plan. Besides that, my right wrist was having carpel tunnel fits and I was icing it several times each day. Being a massage therapist, this was a disaster. There were other problems too, like getting the tape off without pulling sheets of paint off with it. So, I decided that it would be in my own best interest to choose another decor style for the new bathroom. I allowed enough time for the present paint to cure (about a week), and then painted it all a chocolate brown. I was able to get the shower walls fauxed with some copper and bronze metallic, and left it to dry for over a week with no further ill effects. Now the other walls are done and the wrist is feeling better.

Life is just like this at times. We need to recognize when we are going against the flow rather than working with it. At least I can appreciate the experience for reminding me of this, and I am really loving the new look.

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