Monday, August 22, 2011

Who Me? ...Profiled!

Feeling a little like a celebrity, I just have to point you to Jane Thornley's blog. Jane has been profiling her many talented followers for a few weeks now, and now she has profiled me! Now what would you do if someone asked you to write a page about who you are? Not as easy as it may seem, this was an exploration into the inner side of myself, and I don't always check in with me as often as one should. Read about me here.


  1. I read your profile several times - so interesting and innovative is your approach. You are a woman resting in herself. Admirable.

  2. Thank you Laura, and I am working on that approach as an ongoing lifestyle. I so believe that young women should be encouraged to know themselves and know that each of us is special, and have our own identities to protect and honor.