Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I mean addictions of the fun and harmless sort.  Like Pinterest.  Of course, if you consider not keeping your house clean enough for the white glove test, then that would be a more serious addiction too.  Well, I have been spending a lot of my free time there for a while now, and have built up some substantial boards.  When I have a few moments, I love going through my boards the way I used to pour through a fascinating craft magazine, completely entranced and inspired.  So much so, that I am beginning to get twinges of guilt at not using the time to be creating my own amazing things.

I started a board, ...well actually two three, of things I just have to make.  With summer's heat approaching, and decisions to make regarding what new clothing items I want to replace those that I know will appear shamefully shabby, or not fit me as I remembered as they come out of their storage places, I am planning new projects.  This time, rather than spend the summer in jeans as I await the loss of a few pounds in order to fit older clothing (as I have done for a few years already now), I am going to start a new trend for myself with layering.  This style is well known in the German tradition of "lagenlook."  It is  also very well established in the "shabby chic" styles that seem to be popping up everywhere.  I think this is a perfect way to take care of chilly mornings or evenings, and shivery air conditioning, and layers can easily be shed for sweltering afternoons.

 I am very taken with the idea of lightweight and gauzy fabrics.  I was thrilled to find a designer who made leggings of cheesecloth.  I daresay they would not hold up for long, but it gives me ideas.  I once made some wonderful elastic waist pants of silk gauze.  I had forgotten all about them, but they were the perfect solution for keeping cool with a matching hip-length wrapped and ruffled top.  With less than youthful skin tone (also known as crepey old lady skin), I wrestle with the thoughts of grossing out not only myself but anyone who might catch sight of my exposures.  Therefore, I do choose to cover up certain parts of myself but don't want to appear to be wrapped in a blanket or tented.  So gauze is a perfect fabric for hot summers.

Just yesterday, when my sweetie DH commanded me to "go shopping!"  I managed to find two great buys.  One, a cotton/lycra stretch lace long sleeve T-top at Steinmart, and another more solid yet see-through lightweight cotton long sleeve at Ross.  Both on clearance, I am excited.  Although they are both white, I plan to coffee dye the lace one.  Many people do tea-dying to age fabric, but tea-dyed fabrics have a much shorter life span than coffee-dyed.  I have not decided about the other top yet.  This will depend on what I choose to do with the rest of my wardrobe, and if I happen to drop food on myself while wearing it.

As some of you may have guessed, I have a very Bohemian sense of style, and I am ready to really let that out this season.  Because I am pretty much home-bound caring for my mother, I have quite a well-developed list of things to keep me busy.  My wardrobe will feature artfully created pieces that give me a sense of inspired pleasure to craft as well as wear.  So far, I have many old garments that I will be upcycling, as well as lots of fabric and trim scraps, old ancient unfinished projects to re-create, and loads of great ideas.The photo shows a hint of a pinafore top in the making.  Until a few days ago, it was a blouse for my mother that was left in pieces cut and ready to sew.  ...Left maybe ???25years??? ago????  Well, I do have a tendency to get distracted with certain projects.  The fabric is a lovely gauze, and the pieces were a generously cut style.  That may have been why this wasted away all these years, because my mother is a very petite woman who does not care for baggy clothing.  From the basic fronts, back and sleeves, I was able to cut new front and back, and pockets.  From a scrap I created a double ruffle flounce.  Adding in a touch of lace trim, a few fabric flowers, and it's looking quite fashionably shabby. 

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