Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Dream Studio 1

...A studio that I can't wait to get into every day and love and feel the space loving and nurturing me back.

I have been putting a lot of thought into this idea.  My Aquarius nature often runs me into the brick wall of other's conservative tastes.  Just recently, in a flash of brilliant decorating, I decided to make the sink window alcove of my country/cottage decorated kitchen more user friendly.  A dark wood surround of old cabinets and poor lighting have frustrated my meal preparations for years.  I got the bright idea to paint the sides of the cabinets facing the window a sky blue like my porch ceiling and it was like instant lighting just from reflected light.  You can actually see this reflecting in the photo.  Good choice!  Then I wanted to hang an old vegetable shredder upside down and suspend a hand towel from it's handle.  To play up the rustic cottage look and add some color, I began screwing down old used paint sticks to the cabinet sides (remember I am a shameless clutter-holic ...and besides, they can always be used again).  I wanted to be able to remove them if/when we move for a more conservative owner.  I mounted the shredder to those and hung the towel.  Love it!  however, when I showed off my brilliant project to the DH his usual state of perfect balance fell away and he blurted out:  "Oh no, we really won't be able to sell this house now!"  I was crushed and have not gone any further with my decorating plan for that window.  ...I will eventually, probably once the studio is done and things are returning to normal this fall.  Anyway, my point is that I would love to personalize every inch of space in this house and see cheerful color everywhere. In the studio with its cream walls?  ...maybe just one wall...  It should be a different one than the working wall which I want to be as bright an area as possible.

Something like this painted wall I shot at Black Lion on a visit to Charlotte, NC...

...a beautiful wash of color, peachy pink first, then faint touches of a warm thin gold, and a white wash lightly brushed over all, it would be a beautiful touch to my studio, and not necessarily in that color.  I also like the idea of beige tone on tone, or white-washed blue.  I have not painted anything in the house blue yet, but it might be too calming for a room meant too encourage inspiration.  I really like lime green, but have three green rooms already, ...and I love purples too but it is so dark.  It has to be light and bright in this workspace.


...or perhaps I may wain Poetic, and take a more artistic approach writing snippets of positive thoughts with a chiseled brush a la calligraphy





...or maybe I will go WabiSabi!

...and the list goes on!  I love having so many wonderful choices.  The possibilities are exhilarating.  The important thing is to choose a total look that will enthuse me with satisfaction every time I enter the room.  It must be a look that sets the tone for artistic expression.  The studio must give me the feeling of a comfortable nest.  ...That means a bit on the rustic side yet with touches of whimsy to encourage playfulness in my creativity.

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