Saturday, August 2, 2014

Studio Setback

I am so bummed.  The de-cluttering I have been doing has gone well, carrying out at least one bag of trash daily is so great, and I do still have a way to go with organizing the rest of the "stuff."  However, as floor space and table tops began to clear, my mind was racing ahead to how best to move the table near the window and how to arrange the rest of the furniture.  I realized that my plan to remove the computer and all the related paraphernalia to another room was impossible because that room has no space available.  It also hit me that all the furniture would have to hug the walls and would be lined up close together circling the room.  Such a major frustration!

So, wallowing in a pity party and confusion, I missed the deadline I set for myself which was July 31st.   So, my option is to leave the table as it is (and hope for the Dream Plan to evolve in the near future after a great deal of work and planning of other spaces).  The cons are that I sacrifice the natural light, the view, and having a wall at the back of the table, and a lessening of work space since the table butts up against the computer desk at a right angle.  I am also concerned about over-lapping work spaces.  Paperwork done at the computer will certainly overflow to any adjoining space.  I challenging issue is that I was going to hang my Dremel flex shaft from a towel bar on the wall.  Positioned as the table is now, that is not possible and I have been wracking my brain for solutions.  Obviously, from this amusing sketch by The Dremel Amateur I am not the only one trying to figure it all out.  ...Don't worry, I will never go this route.  Backpacking a tool like that would have my hair so tangled you wuold have to hold me down and shave my head to get me free.

My new Dream Plan will have to be a long-range goal.  I'll keep posting as I figure it out.  In the meanwhile, I think I will get another cup of spicy coffee to help clear my muddled brain and then settle in for yet another day of clearing and figuring out how to get set up.


  1. Calling out from a circle of full and half-way empty boxes, I can feel your frustration!. Have you ever considered a paravent or a practical room divider? Putting wall-hugging components up against a room divider makes space and could, if so wished, act as an interest divider - one part jewellery, one part yarn heaven. I am presently struggling upwards, adding shelves - would they work for you? I also hung a telesope bar (IKEA) between the frames of a window and hung "S-hooks" from it, easy to hang a Dremel or anything else from those S-Hooks! Keep on drilling - Love from one Dremel Lady to the other ;-) (as usual, your post is informative, well-written, entertaining, enticing new trains of thought, or are those trails of thought ?

    1. Laura my room is crammed with just about all it will hold. I have thought of using a step stool and being able to access really high shelves. Doing research, it is only necessary to elevate the Dremel tool above the flex shaft tool. I believe the problem may be that where the shaft leaves the hand it should extend up and away rather than be drooping, which would cause binding of the spinning part inside. SO, I just need to figure out what would allow that without taking up all my surface area and interfering with my work. Something like an old lamp might be a solution, or I may try to build something that clamps onto the side of the table.