Monday, August 24, 2015


8?  Yes.  I mean to say it is August and that it's nearly gone ALREADY.  Where is the year going?  Time is moving faster than I am and I want it to slow down!  Well, we all know that just won't happen, so I guess the only thing to do is speed me up. 

I have been feeling the pressure to be creating more ...more ...more.  A new design I refer to as "The Abacus" has kept me in the studio these past weeks working on leather cuff bracelets.  Unfortunately, I keep running into problems with new snaps that don't play well with thin leathers. 

Then there are rivets.  Thankfully, they work for me, and look just like the snaps.  ...Whew!!!  ...And rhinestones!  We gals do love us some bling.  

The stones seem to love the design.  More ways to use them pop into my head before I can even get finished with one piece.  

Mother of Pearl cabochons, turquoise and pyrite nuggets, just pretty stones, fresh water pearls and unique ceramics, rustic wood slices I have cut from my Gum tree branches, amonite and other fossils, ...all my beads want to play with galvanized steel, silver-plate and copper metals!

Silvery nuggets want to play in chains ...boldly making statements of their own.

The Basic Abacus

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