Thursday, September 3, 2015

Love My Granddaughter

I raised sons.  Although they loved cooking and we had our kitchen fun, they were too bouncy to want to learn other crafts from my experience.  My first home-ec class in junior high had me passionately wanting to learn more, more, more.  I stayed with it and in college I majored in Textiles and Design.  I sewed nearly everything for my family, and made sewing a part-time career.  It was like breathing to me.  Having excellent sewing knowledge and skills, I used to teach classes to pass on what I knew.  Now, my grown-up granddaughter is showing an interest in learning the skill. I am so very proud of her and happy to share  a little of what I know.  My first machine so many years ago was also a Brother.  I do have to admit these completely computerized models make me appreciate my old basic work horse.  ...And the old Brother?  It's still going strong ...whenever my sister has mending to do.

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