Monday, July 14, 2008

Green Knitting

…about the tunicIt came about for want of something other than worn camisoles to wear under a sort-of-a T that I made in a free knitalong on Jane Thornley’s website. When I found two sleeveless cotton sweater tops on closeout at TJMaxx for only $2.00 each, I got to thinking that there was a lot of yarn here and it might just be worth buying them just for the yarn. It took a little effort, but it was worth it. The yarn was a little grungy, in that it had almost no twist, and consisted of three strands. Some were broken along the way. However, Perfect quality yarn wasn’t exactly what I was concerned about here. The total look is something I might dub "artsy grunge," which is closely related to "shabby chic." There was a lot of yarn, and there is still have a considerable amount left over to use in another project.I really didn’t follow a pattern; and just made it up as I knit. In deciding to share it with others, I caution that anyone trying this should approach it with a few thoughts about making some adjustments here and there.

For instance, I...
  • wanted it to be as long as the T that I would wear it with, or a little longer.Therefore it is almost a dress.It could be if the side slits were not so high.
  • like my jeans pockets, so I wanted high side slits.
  • wanted a very airy and open knit because it gets very warm here, and the T is of a heavier yarn. Wearing the two together is designed for spring and fall, as I usually wear the T with a long sleeve pullover in the winter.
  • didn’t want the neckline to show or compete with the T’s neckline, and I also wanted it to be deep enough to show off a nice necklace
  • didn’t want the armholes to be too deep, so I could wear it on its own, without having something under it.
So, I just cast on, and kept measuring as the knitting progressed. I will be working out the basic pattern to share with those of you who have shown an interest.Helpful Links:
Recycling yarn

The Ocean NotaPoncho


  1. That looks SO comfortable...Great job! Thanks for your comments on my "mattress" blog. Yours looks great! I envy you being so near San Francisco. Someday I hope to get out there to visit...maybe once I finally launch the darling daughter on her own (and pay down some of that college loan she left me with!)
    Happy Knitting
    Mary Ann

  2. thank you busymom51! It is comfy. I am writing up the directions, and hope to have them in a day or so.

  3. Mardi! Congratulations! This will now become another favored spot on my regular blog rounds!

  4. To Jane and Jocerane...

    Thanks for stopping by! It feels good to fly for the first time. Ha-ha!

  5. Great reuse of yarn! I like the term artsy grunge!
    I came over from the blog group on Ravelry, and think your blog is great! You have interesting photos and a fun, easy to read writing style. Keep it up and happy knitting!

  6. So glad you stopped by sonia! I hope you will stop by again.