Saturday, July 26, 2008

Down With Dirt

I just got a new vacuum cleaner a week ago. Call it house-cleaning madness, but I love my new vacuum cleaner. Now I have been totally indulgent about not finding the time to clean house, and I have been using the excuse for years that my vacuum was never worth pushing around, carrying up and down stairs (and it wasn’t!) or using on a bare floor. …It was annoying to see lint and dirt sitting on the carpet, and no matter how many times I pushed that vacuum back and forth over it, the evasive dirt just sat there brazenly provoking me. HA! No more! I have conquered dirt! I got a shiny new Dyson! Wow, does that thing suck. I had just vacuumed my living room the day before, and after pushing the Dyson around the room (22’ x 14’) there was two cups of dirt in the cup. It’s just too bad it won’t do kitchen grease too.

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