Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday. She is now 93 years young! She has it going on too! She walks an hour every day, and I do mean walk. She has never cared much for walking with anyone else, because she is just too fast, and doesn’t want to slow her roll for a meandering friend. She reads voraciously, and loves biographies of famous people. Have you ever noticed that famous people lead cool lives? Some are quite controversial and even exotic. If you found those hours spent reading for history classes dull, you will be happy to know that there was a whole other side of it that was left unprinted! It would keep students alert if history was kept real. I will have to mention that to a friend who teaches history at the college level. I once taught one of her classes for her when her students were covering China. I have been twice, and loved it! (…but, that’s another blog.) Afterwards, she told me that was the first time in all her years of teaching that no-one was sleeping in the class. Isn’t that sad?

This is my Mom, we are standing in front of a shop in Sausilito, CA.
…Just three goddesses hanging out.

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