Sunday, September 18, 2011

What next?

In between creative projects, there is sometimes a place of stagnation. Because I have a hard time not "doing" something, I have never liked this place. I get what I call "impatience anxiety." In spite of this, it is also a time for me to reflect and prepare for new pursuits, letting them line up and simmer in their formation. Most of the time, I get through these by having more than one project going at a time. After some creative simmering, I am back to knitting the Klimt again, but moving slowly. I needed to make another trip to the yarn store in order to pull it together. Klimt is known for his bold use of color, and I am needing more color to this piece. One might say "Use your stash!" but I don't have the color I am seeing in my head now, ...a bold limey green.

I am lusting after a stylish Henley garment that I saw in some internet shop-site. Clearing away the beads and other paraphernalia that I was using to craft some of my more unusual jewelry, I will need to replace it all with cutting board and sewing supplies. I have the perfect retro pattern by Betsy Johnson that will make the Henley nearly like I saw it. Now that the weather is turning cooler, I am eager to make this up so I can wear it with the "jeggings" (that's leggins that are also jeans) I made a few months ago and haven't worn yet for need of a proper top. Although I had converted my winter wardrobe to leggings and tunics, the summer wardrobe didn't catch up. Once the Klimt is done, it will be spicy great with these pants. ...You can call me "Spicy." ...Don't laugh, I may even pull off a Betsy Johnson hair-do. After all, I did tell my sons that when I turned 65 I would dye my hair purple. I really ought to get some practice
at wilding* before then.

*wild-ing: a plant, originally cultivated, that now grows wild; an escape.

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