Saturday, March 20, 2010

Prayer Flags: Knit one, ...Serge one

Prayer Flag tunic and the jewelry that served as my inspiration. The earrings and necklace were made for me by a dear friend, Ivy Bryan several years ago, and are some of my favorite and meaningful pieces. They were inspired by Himalayan prayer flags. The Tibetans believe that if you have a prayer, and write it onto a piece of fabric, then tie it where it will blow in the wind, the prayer will go out and be answered.

Align Center
I have been creatively busy lately! The new wardrobe flows off the needles and sewing table and onto my back. I love the new tunics. ??? Both blue even, imagine that! Both are of my own design. It is my belief that a garment like this is so much more satisfying than just following a pattern by some one else. One of my favorite dresses was a little "dinner dress" I designed and made up back in the early sixties. Our dorm dress code actually dictated that we must wear a dress to dinner (OMG! ...How archaic is that!???) . So, I invented a pullover mini that I could thrown on in a flash to go to table. It was a turquoise/lime green/purple floral, and I lined it with lime green. I cut the sleeves bell shape, so that glimpses of the lime would show. I wore it with purple patent Mary Jane heels, and lime green tights. Wish I had a photo! Everything was floral back then. I also had a red floral pantsuit I wore. Once, at the grocery store, a toddler staring at me, yanked on his Mommy's sleeve, and seriously informed her that "that lady is wearing her pajamas!" ...I don't think I liked it as much after that.


  1. Beautiful - so flowing and ethereal.

  2. Thanks Chris! Don't forget comfortable!

  3. I hardly turn my back and you created a whole new view of your blog! Congratulations!
    Second surprise is this beautiful tunic - a perfect color for you and a perfect non-constraining fit - just a second comfortable flowing layer creating warmth and cooling as required. Beautiful!

  4. Thanks Laura! I am getting the hang of this blogging business slowly but surely. As we are getting into warmer weather, it sadly sits too much in the closet.