Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Should I, ...or Could I? ...In other words, what to wear?

As the building of the new wardrobe gathers speed, a little voice occasionally chirps in my brain saying: "What will people think?" ..."Are you dressing you age?" ..."Are you having a second childhood?" ...Or worse of all, ..."Will I look totally ridiculous?"
To all of these queries, I give a quick evaluation, and then decide that I am the one living this life. I am the one who is wearing the clothes. I have spent too much time concerned about what other people think. No, I am not in a second childhood, but I love to be comfortable. I am dressing to suit my lifestyle. Some persons may think I look ridiculous, but then, it's all relative anyway, and quite often, I think they look ridiculous!
Clothing styles coming out today are fabulously colorful. They even remind my of my grandmother's home. It had way too many floral patterns on the walls, floor, and furniture. Patterns are over the top. Styles are hip and chique. Remember when fashion revolutionaries dictated wearing stilettos with jeans? Out went the rules! Trust the youthful to bring it on with exuberance and vitality. The Boomers are not ready to succumb to what was once considered proper attire for middle age and beyond. We still think of ourselves as attractive, active and even sexy! Yeah baby! ...I said the 'S' word! Say it again, out loud! ...SEXY!!!

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