Saturday, March 27, 2010

Car Woes or Ode to My Honda

My car lost its zip. I was entering an interstate speedway, and it groaned excessively as I plunged the accelerator to the floor. The RPM's flew upward, yet my usually responsive Honda Accord struggled forward slowly into the fray. Trying its best, freeway speed gathered and held, but when I once again pulled to a stop, it heaved forward like a fatally wounded elephant. After just having spent a fortune and survived a week without a car to have the head gasket repaired, I was frantic. I called the mechanic, who came by the house and worked on it for an hour before he told me he had to take it to his shop again. And now, after another week of being car-less, I have my sweet Honda back and it has regained its pep and zips around as if nothing had even happened. At 130,000 miles, we have been together through a lot, and been many places. This car has given me the gift of no car payments for several years now, and this was the first time I had to do other than maintenance or tires, ...or brakes. ...I love my car!

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