Friday, April 2, 2010

Mama's Got Brand New Bag!

Singin' it like James Brown! I can't remember when I last bought a new purse. I really am not fond of the things, but I do feel their necessity. I have always striven for the smallest I can find, and this baby is not exactly in that category. However, the rest of the world is into super-sizing, and what I have seen available is the two extremes of suitcase style, and something that would carry not much more than a cell phone. I wistfully remember the days when I was in college, and carried only a plastic thingy that I carried only my ID card and a few dollars in. Now, I carry not only my essentials, but also my mother's. She goes everywhere with me and she is unsteady, needs her hands free, and certainly doesn't need any purse to distract her or set her off balance. So, super-size me. On the news at Christmas time, I heard that the vinyl used in purses has so much lead in it that it can result in toxic levels in the body. Horrors! Never liking fake stuff anyway, I determined that I would find a real leather bag. Finding myself surrounded with atrocious gathered, fringed, ruffled, beaded and metaled, overly adorned arm baggage, I nearly lost hope of finding something that would not make me feel like a circus sideshow in public. ...Tuesday Morning to the rescue! Not so huge, this bag has simplicity, good design (we use to say this style was inspired by horses' feed bags), not a lot of weight, and has a look I like. It will carry all I need to tote quite nicely, perhaps even a water bottle and a knitting project. Never mind that I will be doing weight lifting to manage it, as it might have been even larger. I just want to know one thing... ...will everything still drop directly to the bottom and become hopelessly buried?

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