Monday, June 21, 2010

Creativity Bootcamp Day 4

Creativity Bootcamp Day 4

Heavy Metal! I put a lot of thought into this and most of what comes to mind is my sons and their terrible teens. I am quite sure that at least half the "character", i.e. white hair on my head is due to those years in the 80's when Heavy Metal ruled the popular music scene. Back then my sons had long hair, pierced one ear and wore a tiny metal skull dangling on a chain. Ozzy Osbourne ate bats, and KISS had an serpently
long tongue in my mind. Heavy Metal.

Oh well, I have thought of several projects from jewelry, and photos of various subjects. However, nothing really comes to mind that I want to create on this subject. So, I ask myself if I really want to spend the time to do something that I have no heart in? I don't think so. That would lower this challenge to a "to-do" list that has no meaning, or become an aversion to me. Perhaps, since I am doing this on my own anyway, I will have a back up plan to provide my own themes. Picking each word out of a jar randomly has a better sound to me. The one thing about these dealt out words is that they do make my brain churn around them. Maybe it is simply enough that I can think of ideas to create. The inspiration to create from words implies that there are special feelings attached or accessible, that spur one into artistic action.

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