Monday, June 21, 2010

Creativity Bootcamp Day 5

Creativity Bootcamp Day 5 "But as artists, how can we express the world as we see it if we are not feeling it on a deeply emotional level?" ...Exactly! That is just what I was feeling yesterday with the Heavy Metal assignment! I didn't FEEL it, so I had no desire to express it creatively. No guilt at all! Today however, I felt this one: Grow. I like to grow things. Especially herbs, but I don't have a very green thumb. What does grow well for me is devoured by the insect population. As I have an aversion to using herbs that have been toxified by pesticides, there is not much harvesting. Oh well. So I guess you could say I putter at gardening. My yard really has too much shade, and what grows best here is moss. You have seen it before in some of my previous blogs. So, I have to say all I grew here was the sprig of mint peeking out of the top of the recycled flower pot (lined with clear wrap because the pot probably has lead or something in it). Anyway, just a fun way to serve a refreshing treat of watermelon.

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